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Write down mission or brief introduction about Himmapaan Foundation. For example, ``Our Mission is to support sustainable tourism and improve quality of local life through environmental and social activities to support local communities.``

Acres of Forest Restoration
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Himmapaan foundation was founded on the belief that we have to give back to the people and environment where travel have impacted. Travel has both positive and negative impacts and our purpose is to bring positive impacts to places and people affected by the travel industry.

From the start, it was clear that travel improves the well-being of the people. 

Local communities and ethnic minorities were living marginally when they first settled in the area we worked in.  With employment and commissioning of travel related activities  to the local people, their lives improved, they were hired to be trekking guides, operating white water raft, driving lodge vehicles, cultural ceremony and dance.

As more and more people moved in the communities because of the opportunities the travel sector created, we start seeing deterioration in the environment, health care and education. 

Forest were being burned down to make way for tourist activities, like elephant riding, hotels and lodges.

We decided to set up the foundation to give back to these communities: our main focus is

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    Planting forest

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    Sunshine Project – Kru Su Doi

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    Lanjia Craft

Himmapaan mission is to ensure that with good governance, support from tourism sector and participation of the communities, we can all exist together in a sustainable manner.

Sustainable Travel is the terminology we have been using for the last 25 years, but without awareness, active participation and genuine concerns from the traveler, it is hard to make an lasting impact.


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Our Foundation relies on tourism revenues and donations for funding. In 2020, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, tourism has largely halted to Thailand.

Tourism is hurting, and so is nature. Without watchful eyes, more land is being encroached and burnings have reached record highs. Livelihoods of local communities working in tourism have disappeared. Lanjia Craft has recorded no sales, and we are running out of funds to support our teachers.

We believe our foundation can make a meaningful impact, both on local communities as well as travellers. With the Covid pandemic, people are yearning to be back in nature and they want to travel sustainably.


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