Education For Children In Remote Villages

Pha Dang, Mae Tang , Chiang Mai
School : Mae Fah Luang Hill Tribe Community Learning Center – Baan Pha Dang
Number students : 30

Many communities are located in the mountain tops and sometimes it takes up to 10 hours to trek to the nearest town. This makes it very difficult for children in the mountain villages to be educated.

They have to leave home from a young age or move in with another family or go without education.

We realized that building classrooms was not enough, we had to make sure that they have a teacher through the year. We work with xxxx education ministry of Thailand which recruits and the teachers for us.

Sunshine Project not only builds classrooms but also supports the salaries of teachers in these remote areas.

Seed money for this project was donated by Ms Rainy Chan, an internationally-respected hotelier. She remains our biggest supporter.

With your help, we would like to expand this project to more communities.