In 2000 we saw a rapid increase in encroachment of the forest either through burning or building un-sustainably. We needed to get people involved and get them to care for their environment so that they can be protected from drought, landsides and have good water source. We studied the FORRU method of reforestation which is not about random tree planting but planting scientifically so as to create an ecosystem for the forest to thrive and flourish on its own.

“Our mission is to carry out research to develop efficient methods to restore tropical forest ecosystems for biodiversity conservation, environmental protection and carbon storage.” from Forru website

We worked with them for many years and have now mastered how to reforest using their principles and methods.

We have now planted for xxx years, we have built fire walls to prevent fires during the burning seasons, we create dams and educate people through children’s books such as Baitong and Boon.