Since 2012, the Himmapaan Foundation has been supporting early childhood education in remote mountain villages in Northern Thailand. We support “Kru Su Doi”, Teacher-To-Mountain, run as part of the Thailand Ministry of Education’s remote education.

Funds raised go towards sending teachers to villages and equipping local schools with adequate educational materials. The children, aged 2-7, are taught following the national curriculum, and are guaranteed places in Thailand’s formal education system.

  • Send A Kid To School – US$1,000 per child per year (covering costs including books, shoes, raincoats, snacks and other necessities)
  • Teacher To Mountain – US$6,000 per year per school (covering the salary of a teacher to be permanently based in the mountains)

Thank you, WiT


In 2022, WiT – Web in Travel, a Singapore-based travel media and events platform, raised approximately US$60,000 to help us reactivate our education efforts.

During the Covid-19 pandemic years, our educational activities ground to a halt. We were unable to access the remote communities and fund-raising activities were also impacted. The Foundation also relied on proceeds from income earned from inbound tourism, which also ground to a halt during the pandemic.

Funds raised by WiT will support educational activities in two remote mountain villages – Pha Dang Village, Chiang Mai, and Kiew Karn Village, Chiang Rai.